Racing Info

Phone us on 02 6494 1899

Tips & Preview Available a day or two prior to each meeting.

Racing Rundown Available a day or two after each meeting.

20/21 Race Dates
30th Jan 21 Saturday
31st Jan 21 Sunday
13-Feb-21 Saturday
01-Mar-21 Monday
26-Mar-21 Friday
02-May-21 Sunday
1 -Jun-21 Tuesday
13-Jun-21 Sunday
Track Measurements:
The Sapphire Coast Racecourse proper has a 2000 metres circumference with banked turns and an all round width of 30 metres. The track has a home straight being 400m long.
Sapphire-Coast Measurements.gif
Track Records:
Distance Date Horse Time
900m 03/12/2001 RECALL MATRICE 0:49.95
1000m 03/12/2001 MERCURIAL LAD 0:53.13
1100m 08/01/2006 COOLROOM CANDIDATE 1:02.59
1200m 04/02/2018 MERIDIAN STAR 1:08.42
1400m 03/12/2001 ROMANY GYPSY 1:21.77
1600M 26/02/2002 MAKEADANE 1:34.33
2200M 05/02/2006 DANEBAR 2:15.45